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Queer Games Bundle 2021

Jam: March 3 - May 3, 2021
Bundle: June 1 - 31, 2021

swampbabes is proud to support/co-host the Queer Games Bundle 2021 through itch.io. The Queer Games Bundle is a new initiative to collaboratively support as many queer indie/micro/art devs and makers as possible while being pro-community, anti-competition, and outside the restrictive bounds of the "games industry" and AAA. All queer game makers are encouraged to enter their game through the game jam on itch.io.

calls for work:

Our hope was to show more queer/art games in physical locations in Rochester, New York, but things didn't go quite as planned. We're still accepting submissions + proposals + programming ideas for future exhibitions though (especially online programming)!

We are looking toward putting together a Queer Bitsy exhibition to be shown in physical location(s)! If you make Bitsy games, we want to see them (especially LGBTQ+ and BIPOC makers/artists/devs)!

Do you have a workshop or other event you'd like to propose? Interested in a virtual open projector/perfomance night? Get in touch! Email us at swampbabes3 [at] gmail.com or join our Discord.

We know that shit seems dire right now, but we do believe in all of you ~ stay safe and healthy ~


Fall 2019:

Games for Windows: Experiments with Game Footage is a store-front window exhibition curated by Nilson Carroll at The Liquor Store in Rochester, NY. Expanding the tradition of cinema and games, each artist uses various gestures of play to create experimental video art from video game footage.

These videos work through issues of sexism in popular culture, gun-related violence, modes of queering, mainstream ludic binaries, and intimacy in games by taking radical approaches to the formal qualities of video games. Relieved of their performative, neo-liberal gameplay hierarchies, the game footage and graphics in these videos are imbued with new meanings, difficult questions, and unfamiliar aesthetics. By presenting these works together in an ongoing public viewing space, images and actions familiar to game players constantly shift and create new dialogues between the monitors as well as between games culture, the art community, and the pedestrians of Rochester.

about us

swampbabes is a tiny, artist-run organization in Rochester, New York devoted to fostering a games/art/queer local/regional community and inclusive space. we're interested in sharing experimental, non-commercial, renegade games-related artworks and projects and providing a platform for diverse voices and bodies outside the structures of the already-established "art world." swampbabes is not seeking profit in any way and is against competition. all are welcome ❤

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swampbabes was made up in the summer of 2019 ❤

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