nilson carroll

rochester, ny
bloodtype: unknown
☆: scorpio rising

nilson carroll is an MFA candidate at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY. A barista/ROM hacker, nilson works with film/video performance + expanded cinema, experimental video game installation, and seeks to foster inclusive, anti-capitalist, queer art-game spaces. Much of his art practice stems from subverting/overturning JRPG genre mechanics and biases/binaries.

cody filardi

minneapolis, mn
blood type: 0+
☆: pisces rising/sun, sag moon

cody filardi is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and educator originally from long island, ny currently based in minneapolis, mn. their work explores/archives/queers the textural and fragmented nature of selfhood, intimacy and gender performance through material investigation and site-specific experimentation.

swampbabes 2020

even though the memories of evil fade away, their names will be kept