swampbabes is a tiny, artist-run, no-profit organization based in Rochester, New York devoted to fostering a games/art/queer local/regional community and inclusive space. we're interested in sharing experimental, non-commercial, renegade games-related art and projects and providing a platform for diverse voices and bodies outside the structures of already established hierarchies. swampbabes is not seeking profit and is against competition. all are welcome.

❤ Game Art is the queerest face of contemporary art.
❤ Making, sharing, and exhibiting it is an act toward resistance.
❤ We question and subvert oppressive, colonialist, neo-liberal values
❤ & seek to foster a non-competitive, inclusive arts-oriented community
❤ that begins to undo the curse inherited from mainstream video game culture.

swampbabes was made up in the summer of 2019.

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interested in collaborating, learning/sharing magic spells, dismantling power structures, or...? contact us at swampbabes3 [at] gmail.com or join our discord ~

heading font: Press Start 2P

nilson carroll

rochester, ny
projects: nilsoncarroll.com
☆: scorpio rising

cody filardi

minneapolis, mn
projects: cargocollective.com/codyfilardi
☆: pisces rising/sun, sag moon

Taylor McCue

clearwater, fl
I do not owe my pronouns to anyone
projects: taylormccue.itch.io
☆: virgo, subtype unknown

swampbabes 2022
even though the memories of evil fade away, their names will be kept